to people from Poland, polish descendants in the whole World. Laudate est, God the Almighty, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary. I greet you with the Divine Mercy. All people of polish language, farmers, business people; polish immigrants from the whole Europe and the World. Now we are the eyewitnesses in times of all happenings in the Heaven and on the Earth. I turn to you people of polish heritage on the earth. God the Father the Almighty sends me again to you to warn you about JUSTICE DAYS. In the beginning when I was introducing myself as an energotherapist I was just beginning my mission I have on the earth. I ask to believe my visions and commands that transmit JESUS CHRIST and the GOD THE ALMIGHTY. In this short time you have experienced your doubts which are the lack of your faith but it is not time to dwell on it. Time is short. In the beginning those commands were unclear to me but I was practicing it and sharing with people. GOD THE ALMIGHTY and JESUS CHRIST never leave their faithful people but try them, later to find them that they are worthy. You will be tested two more times. From your faith will come out what talents and power people may obtain in the Divine Mercy. Who will be rejuvenated and who will be transformed. And who will travel all over the World with the God the Almighty and Jesus Christ to build the Divine Mercy and the Kingdom of God on the Earth. A large number of people were informed but only a few will be chosen to build the Kingdom of God on the Earth. I had such visions and commands to be presented to you so I do it, and I am transforming on you. God the Almighty wants every soul, every person to be saved and not condemned. For every soul and the person, GOD the ALMIGHTY prepared a new road of the rescue which simply indicate us JESUS CHRIST from the picture with the three rays of light. I ask you very much to build a COVENANT ARK through the propagation among yourselves this picture and prayers to the Divine Mercy. Please build the Divine Mercy with the LORD GOD the ALMIGHTY ALIVE. People ought to read an everyday Bible, the Diary of Sr. Faustina, About sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce ( visionary of new age) which will allow you to understand that the Kingdom of God is very near. There will be people who will do greater miracles from Jesus Christ Himself. They will consider themselves as prophets but they will be false prophets. Visions after 15-10-95 are false visions. I believe deeply that people change themselves and will believe this message which I transfer from God the Almighty Alive and Jesus Christ. God the Almighty already changed God's decisions many times as we read in the Bible and for me has spoken many times.


I ask for contact with me, if you have flavor from the picture and what scent is produced. Please build the BRIDGE OF ALLIANCE with JESUS CHRIST and between sisters and brothers both living and deceased on the earth. Truly, truly I tell you that you will be traveling all over the world in such a way people follow the Pope. Thank you very much for your cooperation. God the Father sends commend to you. When will come DAYS OF JUSTICE I AM to inform you about Days of Justice? I have on my mind people whom I treated and those who have been in Poland on 15-10-95. There will be given a catchword. Who will read this message, roll call which I wrote and believe it will be informed six hours before the JUDGMENT DAYS? Earlier you will be informed during your sleep about those JUDGMENT DAYS. All people of polish heritage, farmers, business people after having received my mail ought to move them and their belonging to Poland. I have in my mind people from Canada, Germany, Italy and the whole Europe so they will have enough time to move before those Judgment Days. It comes a question - when those days will come? . On the sky will be seen Black Cross. Everything will happen very fast. It has to be fulfilled what was written about a picture JESUS I TRUST IN YOU with the three rays of light which produces flavor and why exists the third ray of light. When all those things will happen proceeding Judgment Days, I ask you not to use vacation or any other trips because it might be too late for you. It has to be fulfilled what is in the bible. Those who are last will be first and those you are first will be last. "Lord where you have been that we have not been able to recognize you?" In the same way as were destroyed Sodom and Gomorra, some countries, cities and villages will be destroyed. For example: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Chicago, New York, California, Germany and Canada will be partly destroyed, in places where people sin the most. From Canada will be taken 20000 square miles from the American border. Next earthquake will be in New York similar to the earthquake strength of that from Turkey. I ask you kindly to insure your houses, apartments, and cars and take the life insurance. I ask you to pray and convert yourselves and do not drink so you will not be surprised because of Judgment Days. Now before those days will come, please pray and TRUST THE GOD THE ALMIGHTY ALIVE WHO TRANSMITS THROUGH ME THOSE COMMANDS AND PETITIONS. Please share as much as you can this information especially to prepare people of polish origins so they can escape into Poland and mountains and please do not linger with that. When Days of Judgment will come, please, do not complain or curse GOD the ALMIGHTY ALIVE for sending punishments on them. Please do not be derisive from those visions that sent God the FATHER.


There is only needed Thanksgiving to God the ALMIGHTY ALIVE that WE ARE NEW CHOSEN NATION. Please pray for conversion of people in the entire world. Please pray for conversion of our enemies and their families, pray for peace. It is important to pray every day for deceased and the living as well for your own soul to be called to HEAVEN ETERNAL TODAY. In such short message I present to you commands and petitions of GOD THE ALMIGHTY ALIVE. Nobody trusted sr. Faustina in the beginning and now she is a saint. I wish to warn people from false prophets who will make greater miracles then JESUS CHRIST. They will be false prophets. People after 15-10-95 has false visions. I ask you kindly to spread news about this PICTURE WITH THE THREE RAYS OF LIGHT. That there is a third ray of light and that this picture produces different flavors as well heals people. Do not forget about false prophets. I ask you to contact me and send me your affirmation of receiving this letter, roll call. HOLY SPIRIT, GOD THE FATHER, JESUS CHRIST AND THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY were born in Poland and now in silence are awaiting transformation and the Judgment Days. We are already on the Earth and a reason that we are here is that we call people for true Apostles. Now they are simple people until their rejuvenation's day. Mary from the wedding at Cana will be your direction of how to build the Divine Mercy and the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth. You can order a picture from me with three rays of light that produces flavors. How many days were left to the end of the world? Please count how many floods were in Poland since 1997? The answer is in the information why there is a third ray of light and why picture "Jesus I trust in You" with three rays of light produces flavor? Thank you very much for your cooperation. Remain in the peace of the Holy Spirit. Brother Panek Tadeusz Edmund from the Divine Mercy